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RB Digital


What are "digital magazines"?
Digital magazines are the elctronic versions of print magazines that you can read on your computer, iPad or tablet!

What is RB Digital?
RB Digital is a service that provices digital magazines for free through the library!

How many magazines can I take out and for how long?
You can take out an unlimited number of magazines for an ulimited amount of time! You never have to wait and there are never any late fees!

How to use RB Digital … Check out the how-to booklet!

Need help?
 Book your one-on-one session with Emily. These 1 hour sessions are FREE. Bring your reading device OR get a hands-on introductory session on the Library's iPad or laptop. (Library iPads and laptops are for in-house use only.) Email Emily Paulsen, Public Services Librarian at or call 780-912-2153 to book your session.