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Welcome to the Fort Saskatchewan Public Library! Read up on our Library News!

On April 14, 2014 David Larsen became the Library Director of the Fort Saskatchewan Public Library, replacing Angela Kublik who held the position for 8 years.  Larsen brings with him a wealth of experience.  Most recently he was Director of Libraries for The Society of the Four Arts in Palm Beach, Florida.  Prior to that he was the Head Librarian for 5 years at the Town of Cochrane’s Public Library where he managed all aspects of library operations.  Early on in his career he was a Children’s Librarian.

Library Board Chair, Kathy Stevenson, advised that the board trustees are looking forward to working with David as the newly expanded and renovated Library will be offering more programming and adding to the collection.  “One of David’s strengths is his understanding of how technology can be successfully integrated into the traditional Library.”

David says “I am very excited to join the Fort Saskatchewan Public Library team.  The opportunity to lead the library into the future for such a growing and vibrant community shall certainly be a privilege."


Thank you to the Government of Alberta for providing funding through

the Community Spirit Grant program to purchase new children’s books for our new children’s area.



Libraries in the Metro Edmonton area have come together to offer an amazing deal for library patrons.

Anyone who is a member of the Edmonton, St. Albert, Strathcona County or Fort Saskatchewan libraries can now apply for a free upgrade to their existing library membership card, which entitles them to borrow items from any of these libraries.

UPDATE: As of December 2013, the Parkland Regional Library system is now a participating library.

UPDATE: As of March 2014, the Shortgrass Regional Library system is now a participating library.

The ‘me’ card opens up a world of possibilities for patrons, providing access to the combined collections of the Metro Edmonton Federation libraries – over 3 million items —and a simple online registration process is all that’s required.

“It’s exciting to offer even more choice and convenience in both collection and location to library card holders,” said Library Director Angela Kublik. “With the ‘me’ card, there is no need to carry multiple library cards around because patrons will use the card they already have from Edmonton, St. Albert, Strathcona County or Fort Saskatchewan, and they can also return their borrowed items to any of these libraries.”

Due to licensing restrictions, eBooks and other digital content cannot be part of the new borrowing privileges, but those who sign up for a ‘me’ card will be able to access physical collections and programs on offer at each of the participating libraries.

“The ‘me’ card removes barriers and offers patrons even more value from their library card—no more reciprocal fees, the ability to place holds on any books regardless of which library they belong to, and access to thousands of fun, educational and informative programs across the region,” said Kublik. “The ‘me’ card will be especially useful to those who live in one town and work or study in another, with the ability to use whichever library is the most convenient on any particular day.”

Library cards can be upgraded at


Calling all writers! Fort Saskatchewan Public Library welcomes Writer in Residence Margaret Macpherson during May and June. 

Margaret comes to us through the Metro Edmonton Federation of Libraries, a partnership between Fort Saskatchewan, Strathcona County, St. Albert and Edmonton public libraries which works to share resources and collaborate on programs and good practices. The Federation has appointed two Writers in Residence in 2014: Margaret Macpherson and Jason Lee Norman.

Find out more about this program at

Margaret is “in residence” at Fort Saskatchewan Public Library from May 1 - June 30, where she will provide free workshops and one-on-one consultations. Workshops are available to everyone; registration is not required unless indicated.

Contact Margaret and find out how to submit your work here


How to Write About Your Family and Still Have One: Beyond Genealogy - Thursday, May 8: 7- 8:30 PM, FSPL Program Room

Join Regional Writer in Residence Margaret Macpherson to discuss the tricky process of using family members or real life people in the telling of stories. When do we soften the truth? What constitutes memoir? Who owns a story? This workshop examines the pros and cons of truth telling in memoir and creative non fiction. Writing exercises included.

Characters in Conflict: The Heart of a Novel - Thursday, May 22: 7 - 8:30 PM, FSPL Program Room

Where there are people there is conflict…at least in the fictional world. If you're interested in crafting long (or short) narrative prose, you'll need both people and problems. This workshop shares methods of creating both character and conflict, allowing both to unfold on the page. Writing exercises included.

Polishing the Silver: The Act of Writing and Remembering - Thursday, June 5: 2 - 4 PM, FSPL Program Room

This daytime program is in celebration of Seniors Week. Using prompts and visual stimuli, seniors are encouraged to step back in time to preserve on paper their early memories of Alberta and beyond. Tea, talk and time to write and remember are included in this two hour workshop

*Mucking About - Saturday, June 14: 1 - 4 PM, FSPL Program Room

Using four different artistic mediums -- words, paint, voice and clay -- Margaret Macpherson, who is also an expressive arts practitioner, will take participants on a journey of self-discovery about the power of creativity. This workshop is based on low skills/high sensitivity. You don't have to know how to paint, write, sing or sculpt; you just have to have a willingness to trust the process. The less you know, the better. Stash your electronics at the door and prepare for a new kind of communication. *Registration is required. Bookings will be accepted as of May 1st.

Industry Insider: The Foes, Follies and Fortunes of Traditional Publishing - Thursday, June 26: 7 - 8:30 PM, FSPL Program Room

If you've dreamed of that big book deal with a traditional publisher, this workshop is for you. In a candid talk about her own experiences in the writing/book publishing world, Margaret will take you through her eight book journey with four different publishers and give you insider tips on what to expect in the topsy turvy world of agents, editors and publishing houses. Included will be helpful suggestions to launch or expedite your own writing career.